Dan Titze

Dan Titze uses numerical models and observational data to understand and forecast physical processes in the Great Lakes. His recent work has focused on the development of coupled modeling systems, which join atmospheric, hydrologic, hydrodynamic, and wave models to improve flood preparedness and navigational guidance in coastal settings. He develops modeling applications that incorporate the latest advancements in numerical modeling to address the evolving needs of stakeholders throughout the Great Lakes region. Dan’s research interests also include improving our understanding of subsurface thermal structure, air-ice-water interactions, and Great Lakes phenology. He has conducted research exploring winter conditions on the Lake Superior through below-ice observations.


PhD Water Resources Science, University of Minnesota Duluth;
MS Water Resources Science, University of Minnesota Duluth;
BS Environmental Engineering, Michigan Tech

Research Interests:

Hydrodynamic modeling, coastal coupling, forecast system development, thermal structure, winter limnology

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