Realtime Coastal Observation Network (ReCON) Station
Alpena - Thunder Bay Buoy   Location: 44° 59.3796´ N,   83° 16.2762´ W,   Depth: 65 ft (20 m)

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NOTE: Nortek Flash Corrupted. Plans are to swap sensor if resources available later this 2023 Field Season.

Conditions around 10:40 pm EDT on Sun, Jun 4, 2023 (02:40 GMT)
NOTE: Italic values identify data that is not recent and may not reflect current conditions.

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Air Data:   
Wind Speed: 4.12 kts (2.12 m/s) R.M. Young Wind Monitor
Maximum Wind Speed: 4.34 kts (2.23 m/s) R.M. Young Wind Monitor
Wind Direction: 186.4° (S) AirMar Weather Sensor
Air Temperature: 59.3 °F (15.2 °C) CSI Temp Probe
Air Pressure (sea level): 30.07 inHg (1018.30 hPa) AirMar Weather Sensor
PAR Radiation: 0 umole/m^2/s Li-COR PAR Sensor
Water Near-Surface Data:   
Water Temperature (near surface): 57.3 °F (14.1 °C) CSI Temp Probe
pH (near surface): 7.03 CSIM11 pH Probe
CO₂ (near surface): 1033.82 ppmv Pro Oceanus Mini CO₂ Digital Sensor
Water Near-Bottom Data:   
Water Temperature (near bottom): 43.6 °F (6.5 °C) YSI Sonde
Dissolved Oxygen (near bottom): 113.49 %Sat YSI Sonde
Dissolved Oxygen (near bottom): 14.0 mg/L YSI Sonde
Phycocyanin (near bottom): 0.92 RFU YSI Sonde
Fluorescent DOM (near bottom): 0.13 RFU YSI Sonde
Total Dissolved Solids (near bottom): 115.74 mg/L YSI Sonde
pH (near bottom): 8.23 YSI Sonde
Chlorophyll (near bottom): 0.6 RFU YSI Sonde
Conductivity (near bottom): 115 µS/cm YSI Sonde
Specific Conductivity (near bottom): 178 µS/cm YSI Sonde
Turbidity (near bottom): -0.7 NTU YSI Sonde
YSI Sensor Depth: 61.91 ft (18.870 m) YSI Sonde
Engineering Data:   
GPS Latitude: 44.989660 N AirMar Weather Sensor
GPS Longitude: -83.271260 E AirMar Weather Sensor
GPS Altitude: 596 ft (182 m) AirMar Weather Sensor
Buoy Location Offset North: 0 ft (0 m) AirMar Weather Sensor
Buoy Location Offset East: 3 ft (1 m) AirMar Weather Sensor
AirMar Compass: 305.3° (NW) AirMar Weather Sensor
AirMar Pitch: -0.3° AirMar Weather Sensor
AirMar Roll: 1.6° AirMar Weather Sensor
Solar Panel Voltage: 0.50 volts SPC Board
Solar Panel Current: 0.043 amps Campbell Logger
Battery Voltage: 12.50 volts SPC Board
Battery Current: -1.139 amps (+=charging) Campbell Logger
Current to UW Hub: 0.556 amps Campbell Logger
Voltage at UW Hub: 49.76 volts SPC Board

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